About Us

About Real Child Support

Real Child Support is a hub for all your child support needs. Irrespective of your circumstance you'll find information and resources that will help you while also protecting your rights. This includes advice, documentation, access to legal and investigative professionals, and more.

We help people navigating the complicated landscape of child support and child support related issues every day. This means we know just how complicated situations can get, how difficult it is to find information you can rely on, and how challenging it is to find support from someone who's genuinely on your side.

Whatever Your Situation, You'll Find The Help You Need

We can help you deal with that co-parent who continuously moves around making it difficult to be served by the court as well as being held accountable to make consistent child support payments. Our service also helps co-parents who currently serve in the military or civilians trying to locate a co-parent serving in the military.

Do you know what parental alienation is and how to deal with it?

Are your kids being held as ransom because child support payments are late?

Are you receiving the visitation you deserve and are you having trouble getting your co-parent to spend time with their children?

Maybe you need to get a better understanding of your child custody rights or maybe you’re dealing with an IRS seizure and need to know what your rights are and what you should do, you'll find reliable vetted information as well as support on our platform that will help you.

Our resources contain information and advice if your driver's license has been revoked because of child support, as well as information on how child support is calculated - do you know if you're paying too much or too little? Our platform will help you find out. There's also practical information if you have a child support order already in place but are not getting any money.

Our membership site provides access to a number of third-party resources and professionals to. Your days of browsing the internet without any clear direction are over. The resources and professional directories we offer include recommended DNA testing agencies, professional private detectives who can track down co-parents wherever they are, and attorneys who specialize in family law.

Benefits To You

The information and resources we provide on our platform will save you:

Time - because all the information is at your fingertips. Our hub is full of resources and ever -expanding. Everything you need is right here.

Hassle - if you've ever dealt with a child support office, you will know how frustrating it can be. Often the advice and service is inconsistent, leaving you confused, angry and even hopeless if your dealing with a complexly unique situation. We give you impartial, accurate, and practical advice and information that will reduce the amount of time you need to contact them. Knowledge is power and having us as an information hub allows you to be on more equal footing with a child support office when you’re trying to results for your case.

Money - the information available on our site is available for a small yearly membership fee. Our membership fee is minuscule compared to the hourly fee a family law attorney will charge you, what a judge could increase your case by, and what a judge could decrease your case by. You also may not be receiving all you're due in child support and you maybe paying to much in child support, knowledge is power and what you don't know could cost you.

No matter if you’re the custodial parent trying to find answers and resources or the non - custodial parent trying to find answers and resources, you’re both on equal footing here. Our approach is to provide you with resources in a way that's factual and up to date while not being partial or judgmental.

Get the knowledge you need, feel empowered once more, and take back control of your child custody and support situation – join Real Child Support today.