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Just because I was late paying my child support, my daughters mother kept blocking me from seeing her and the child support office didn’t seem to care, in fact it felt like they were working against me, thanks to Real Child Support I found the answers I needed.
My daughters father kept running from city to city and state to state, it was impossible to get a court order served, thank you Real Child Support, because of you he’s been served, we’ve gone to court and my daughter is getting child support going all the way back to her date of birth.
I was paying so much in child support I never had enough money to spend on my own kids! I couldn’t afford a lawyer and I could barely keep a roof over my head let alone have enough money to take my own kids to the movies or shopping for what I wanted to buy them, because of Real Child support I learned how to get my child support lowered and now my kids and I are enjoying a much better quality of life!
After I got pregnant I seemed to see less and less of my baby's father, the information on Real Child Support showed me I had a host of options allowing me to make the best choice for me and my baby